Engaging the Enemy

Dec. 10, 2003

We have accepted you as our foreign partner and will regularize and update approvals to reflect you as the true beneficiary of the contract sum USD $45.5m. If you are interested in this deal, please, contact me through my email.



Dec. 11, 2003

Attn Rich, What you need to do now is to send my your telephone and fax number, your company’s name and address, and any bank account of your choice.

Dec. 15, 2003

Dear Sir, How are you? Hope you are OK. I hope that you have open the new account by now. Please for your information time is runing fast.

Dec. 23, 2003

Dear Friend, There is no way I can beg you for this deal rather you beg me. Why are you delaying my time?

Dec. 26, 2003

Attn Rich, It seems that you are playing with me or the transaction. Please you are not a serious businessman.

Dec. 28, 2003

Dear Rich, You have to come down to Lagos without delay so we can meet face to face.

Jan. 12, 2004

Dear friend please are serious, if I cannot hear from you or you refuse to send information I will inform my lawyer to stop the payment because I am not joking. $45.5 million is a very big amount.