• 08.01.05


Critical calendar listings for August 2005.

August 1st

George Lucas’s force will be with you at the computer-graphics geek fest Siggraph 2005, in Los Angeles, where the Star Wars director is keynoting. Should the animation festival and job fair provide too little stimulation, attendees can kick back at the “guerrilla studio” for some spontaneous 4-D therapy (


August 1st

When is a faucet more than just a waterspout? When it’s designed by Philippe Starck. Check out Starck’s haute faucet and 400 other new product designs — from a Samsung air-conditioner to Adidas sneakers — showcased at Design Zentrum’s red dot award: product design 2005 exhibit in Essen, Germany (

August 29th

Looking for an out-of-body experience? Never made it to Woodstock? Save some vacation days for Nevada’s trippy Burning Man Festival. After a week in an experimental desert community with more than 30,000 creative types — and nothing for sale except coffee and ice — your cubicle at the office may not look so bad (

August 31st

By now, Japan’s technophiles should have access to their very own iTunes Music Store, rumored to be debuting this month. Though online music sites already exist in the land of Hello Kitty, Apple is expected to undercut the competition on price (150 yen per song) and offer a wide array of tunes. Next up: iKaraoke?

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