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CEO See-ya!

This month: Jure Sola, CEO of Sanmina-SCI.


Who wins this month's golden ax? Our choice, with help from governance specialists Glass, Lewis & Co., is Sanmina-SCI's Jure Sola.


CEO: Jure Sola
Tenure: 25 years

Five-Year Record

Total Shareholder Return*: -83.6%
Peer Index Return*: -78.7%
S&P 500 Index Return*: -20.6%
Total CEO Pay: $15.4 million

It has been a rough five years for contract electronics manufacturer Sanmina-SCI. The triple whammy of slowing demand, cheaper Asian competitors, and a key customer loss has hammered profits, and frequent restructurings haven't helped. Glass, Lewis gives the boss an F in its pay-for-performance model, in part because an insider-stacked board granted him 1 million shares of restricted stock and 1 million options in fiscal 2004, even as the stock fell. Seven analysts have downgraded Sanmina-SCI this year.

*Data from Glass, Lewis & Co. and FactSet Research Systems for five years ending April 5, 2005.

A version of this article appeared in the June 2005 issue of Fast Company magazine.