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Chic Lit

Women create more than half of all blogs, says research firm Perseus. But in the business world, blogs penned by women are less common. Here, three smart women sound off.

BLOG: Found in the Footnotes

WHO WRITES IT: Michelle Leder, author of Financial Fine Print: Uncovering a Company's True Value (Wiley, 2003)

WHY YOU SHOULD READ IT: A gold mine for investors or anyone who just laps up dish on executive pay, Leder's blog offers a daily dose of fine-print extras from corporate SEC filings. Though Leder does have a book to promote, she doesn't do so in her posts, and her skeptical tone is refreshing.

BLOG: Marketing at Microsoft

WHO WRITES IT: Heather Hamilton, a Microsoft marketing recruiter

WHY YOU SHOULD READ IT: She has some of the most in-depth Apprentice reviews around. Seriously, if you can indulge Hamilton's Trump obsession, you'll unearth great insider posts on job-hunting tips, the recruiting industry, and hiring in Redmond, Washington. (One tip: Check online job boards during the Super Bowl.)

BLOG: Decent Marketing

WHO WRITES IT: Katherine Stone, former experiential marketing director at Coca-Cola and founder of Engage Consulting

WHY YOU SHOULD READ IT: Thoughtful missives on authentic (or not) branding and customer experiences. Recent posts took Delta to task for its SimpliFares campaign and blasted bad TV ads (on's spokeswoman: "I find myself nervous that she might have the big 'O' right in the middle of the ad").

Read about more women bloggers, and nominate your favorite blogs of all sorts, at

A version of this article appeared in the May 2005 issue of Fast Company magazine.