Spin Cycle

Here’s how Chuck Jones is making the case at Whirlpool that design means business.

Follow the Leaders

Initially, Jones put together a presentation for senior management showing how a design-focused strategy reaped rewards in stock price, market share, and profitability at Apple, Chrysler, Volkswagen, and other design-centric companies.


Grab a Seat at the Table

For designers to help solve business problems, they need to understand Whirlpool’s overall corporate strategy. Jones’s team stays in the loop, participating with sales and manufacturing execs in key meetings.

Take Smart Shortcuts

Each of Whirlpool’s 16 major brands has its own language — a series of colors, textures, and descriptions that tie every product together. These cues provide convenient building blocks to accelerate new product design.

Use the Numbers

Jones’s team takes the fuzziness out of design abstractions through extensive usability studies that quantify effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction. Making the numbers opens the door to more risk taking.


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Chuck Salter is a senior editor at Fast Company and a longtime award-winning feature writer for the magazine. In addition to his print, online and video stories, he performs live reported narratives at various conferences, and he edited the Fast Company anthologies Breakthrough Leadership, Hacking Hollywood, and #Unplug