25 Top Women Business Builders

You know the party line about women today: They’re “opting out” of business, fleeing the confines of the corporation in droves, unwilling (or unable?) to make it in the big leagues. But if all these smart, ambitious, experienced women are leaving, we wondered, where are they going?

Turns out that while many left corporate America, they’ve hardly left business behind. What they’re doing is striking out on their own, launching companies at a higher rate than any other group. According to the Center for Women’s Business Research, from 1997 to 2004, the number of women-owned businesses grew twice as fast as all businesses in the United States. One in 18 adult women in the United States is a business owner. Women-owned companies generate $2.5 trillion in annual sales and employ nearly 20 million people.


So who are these women? What kinds of companies are they founding? What have they learned–and what can we learn from them? To find out, Fast Company teamed up with the Women Presidents’ Organization (which offers help to women owners of companies with more than $2 million in annual revenue) to launch a search for the Top 25 Women Business Builders. Female business owners in North America were invited to apply on our Web site and tell us their stories.

And women answered the call: Nearly 600 applied for these first-ever awards. They represented industries as varied as fashion, agriculture, manufacturing, and armored security. They included one-woman shops struggling to turn their first profit as well as–in the case of one eventual winner–companies with more than $1 billion in annual revenue.

Each applicant was scored based on revenue, revenue growth, and level and consistency of profits. We culled a group of 52 finalists, and our panel of judges (page 76) helped us choose and rank our final list of 25 winners (27, actually, since two of our winning spaces are shared by cofounders).


We think these women, and their accomplishments, will inspire you: Each one’s story offers lessons–whether it’s how to spot a marketable idea, how to distinguish yourself from the competition, how to hire and train the right people, or how to put customers front and center. They haven’t really left corporate America behind. They’re just building their own version.

1. Taryn Rose

38, CEO and designer

Taryn Rose International, Los Angeles, California

13. Himanshu Bhatia

42, CEO,

Rose International, Chesterfield, Missouri

2. Jill Blashack

46, founder and CEO

Tastefully Simple, Alexandria, Minnesota

14. Pamela Chambers O’Rourke

President and CEO

Icon Information Consultants, Houston, Texas

3. P.K. Scheerle

45, president and CEO

American Nursing Services, Metairie, Louisiana

15. Victoria Buyniski Gluckman

53, founder, president, and CEO

United Medical Resources, Cincinnati, Ohio

4. Mary-Ellen Hardin

56, chairman and CEO

SmileCare, Santa Ana, California

16. Cordia Harrington

51, president and CEO

Tennessee Bun Co., Dickson, Tennessee

5. Gay Warren Gaddis

49, president and CEO

T3 (The Think Tank), Austin, Texas

17. Margery Kraus

58, president and CEO

APCO Worldwide, Washington, DC

6. Irene Cohen

67, founder and CEO

FlexCorp Systems, New York, New York

18. Janet Kraus and Kathy Sherbrooke

38 and 37, CEO and president, respectively, cofounders

Circles, Boston, Massachusetts

7. Karen Bressler

43, CEO, AGAR Supply

Taunton, Massachusetts

19. Nina Vaca

33, founder and CEO

Pinnacle Technical Resources, Dallas, Texas

8. Sharon Evans

55, president and CEO

CFj Manufacturing, Fort Worth, Texas

20. Nancy J. Connolly

52, founder and CEO

Lasertone, Littleton, Massachusetts

9. Madolyn Johnson

60, founder and president

The HomeMaker’s Idea Co., Glendale Heights, Illinois

21. Elaine Osgood

50, president and CEO

Atlas Travel International, Milford, Massachusetts

10. Cyd Szymanski

48, CEO, Nest Fresh Eggs

Denver, Colorado

22. Cheryle Pingel and Misty Locke

40 and 28, chairman and president, respectively, cofounders

Range Online Media, Forth Worth, Texas

11. Julie Rodriguez

47, president and CEO

Epic Divers and Marine, Harvey, Louisiana

23. Angela Drummond

37, president and CEO

SiloSmashers, Fairfax, Virginia

12. Gloria Bohan

63, CEO

Omega World Travel, Fairfax, Virginia

24. Ranjini Poddar

36, president

Artech Information Systems, Morristown, New Jersey

25. Rebecca Boenigk

41, CEO

Neutral Posture, Bryan, Texas