Exec Meets Blog. Exec Falls in Love.

Execs are blogging about everything from war to kangaroo meat. But should you tune in?


Here’s a nascent trend with legs: the executive blog. It’s a natural. Corporate bigwigs get to say whatever they want, whenever — and to imagine that everyone is reading. Below, our guide to emerging C-level stylists.


George Soros

Chairman, Soros Fund Management LLC

Frequency: Suspended since November 3

Shtick: Bush-bashing in the name of world peace

Big idea: “All my experience has taught me that you can’t introduce democracy by military means.”

Pet peeve: George W. Bush

Trash talk: “Bush’s policy in Iraq has made America less secure . . . [and in Israel and Palestine] has been less than benign.”


True confession: Having created the site pre-election, he “did not pause to consider what to do with it afterwards.”

Jonathan Schwartz

President and COO, Sun Microsystems Inc.

Frequency: Approximately twice weekly

Schtick: Tech insider bashes rivals and dishes dirt.

Big idea: “Influence in the IT marketplace . . . has migrated [out of] the boardroom . . . to the consumer.”

Pet peeves: Red Hat; IBM


Trash talk: “Please do not listen to the bizarro numbskull anti-Sun conspiracy theorists.”

True confession: “I did, in fact, taste kangaroo meat at a luncheon yesterday. . . . I need also confess, I enjoyed it.”

Craig Newmark


Frequency: Every few days

Schtick: Community activism with a comic edge

Big idea: “I’m beginning to feel that success requires organic growth over a period of years.”


Pet peeve: Bad customer service

Trash talk: “Scammers try to hit people who post with us. They disregard the culture of trust we have and that pisses me off.”

True confession: “I used to joke about being a recovering nerd; but now, I’ve embraced my inner nerd.”