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From promotional brochures found at OutsourceWorld, a recent trade show in New York.

"Make it Philippines. . . . In lieu of paying all national and local taxes, you have the option to pay a special 5% Gross Income Tax."
— Philippines Department of Trade & Industry

"In terms of level of amenities and quality of life, the Czech Republic... represents one of the most attractive locations in Europe... The average salary is less than one-third of the salary for comparable positions in countries like Ireland."
— Czech Agency for Foreign Investment

"Cape Town is on the rise... South Africa has a strong skills base, standards of education, industry sophistication, technology infrastructure, and geopolitical stability."
— Offshore Customer Management

"Mexico, because of its... proximity to the U.S., offers a compelling option. Time-zone differences are minimized, long flights to the other side of the globe are eliminated, and the critical factor of communication is enhanced."
-Azertia USA Inc.

"China is a trendsetter and springboard of future international technology standards."
- I.T. United

A version of this article appeared in the January 2005 issue of Fast Company magazine.