Where does creativity come from? There’s the whole inner-muse thing, but that takes a lot of effort for iffy results. Here’s the real ticket — inspirational paraphernalia from Successories (www.motivation Bulk discounts available.


“The best way to predict the future . . . is to create it.”
(Framed poster, $79.99)

The Essence of Imagination
“What we can easily see is only a small percentage of what is possible. Imagination is having the vision to see what is just below the surface.”
(Framed print, $39.99)

Innovative Performance Award
“The true reward for something well done is to have done it!”
(Laser-etched award, $99.99)

Think Big
“If we’re going to think anyway, we may as well THINK BIG.”
(Kinetic sculpture, $39.99)

Think Change
“What seems like a ripple today . . . can become the wave of the future.”
(Framed award, $44.99)

Thinking Outside the Box
“Only those who see the invisible can do the impossible.”
(Kinetic sculpture, $39.99)

The Essence of Leadership
“In the end, leaders are much like eagles. . . . They don’t flock, you find them one at a time.”
(Frame clock, $34.99)