Fast Forward 2005: 88-90

Spotlight: Stuff That Scares Us

It won’t be all fun and games in 2005

Item What it is Why it freaks us out
88. Script injection infects the Web The next spyware scourge. Instead of a spoofed page, a legit page has just a small portion hijacked, generally a form asking you to submit sensitive personal info. You can learn to avoid phishing — your bank’s not going to be sending you email that’s been translated (badly) from Russian. This is far more insidious.
89. Brand-name adjectives Are you part of the iPodic generation? Is your outfit a bit J. Lo-ish today? Personal names and brands get absorbed as shorthand vernacular much more quickly in a text-messaging world. This used to happen once a generation (Xerox, Kleenex). In a speeded-up culture, any short-term benefits for brand managers may have long-term implications for the value of a trademark.
90. Betty Crocker Pour and Frost Frosting you heat in the microwave and pour over a warm cake. No more waiting for the cake to cool. With the time you’ll save frosting cakes right away, you’ll have more time to schedule that gastric bypass surgery.

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