Fast Forward 2005: 59-62

Spotlight: On the Move

What will shape our mobile lifestyle in 2005

Phenom What it is Our take
59. The last email refuge disappears Workaholic flyers get their wish, thanks to onboard email. Both Boeing and Airbus are building systems into planes. Expect 10% of flights to be Outlook-friendly in 2005. Ugh, if we want to sleep. Hooray, if it’s the only time we can get through our inbox without distractions.
60. Trip Hawkins founder, Digital Chocolate The Electronic Arts founder returns with a company that will set the standard for easy-to-use, smart cell-phone programs. Expect to see stuff you can create and share with friends — think virtual gardens — and problem solvers such as digital child pacifiers. Hawkins articulates the ethos of the cell-phone lifestyle better than anyone. But he may stumble trying to persuade cautious, plodding carriers to join him.
61. Ringtones die Feeble, unrecognizable renditions of pop tunes announcing incoming calls fade out in favor of MP3-quality songs. One-third of all cell phones will have MP3 tech by the end of next year. Will 50 Cent, Ashlee Simpson, and Linkin Park sound better, or will we long for the golden age of the monophonic chip?
62. MoSoSo Think Friendster meets Vindigo. Mobile social software connects people through wireless phones using location-based services. Examples include Wavemarket and Dodgeball. Getting relevant info, especially from friends based on where you are, is a cool trend. And it creates ad opportunities. Which could, of course, kill it.

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