Chatter: Stormy Weather

An evocative expression, a fad-prone media, and George Clooney: It’s the perfect storm for language overuse.


“It is a perfect storm that makes games like Grand Theft Auto: Vice City popular with adolescents and 27-year-old career criminals alike.”
— Orlando Sentinel


“Add the press to the mix, and you have a perfect storm — with either accuser or accused twice victimized.”
— Dahlia Lithwick, writing in The New York Times on rape-shield laws in high-profile cases

“This just seems like a perfect storm for the airlines. . . . Already with a business that was in trouble, now you have pensions in danger.”
Christine Romans on CNNfn

“The need for more federal funding for the war on terror, the uneven economy, the growing budget deficit. We’re leaving science and engineering out, and it’s all coming together, perfect storm.”
— Kathleen Hays on CNNfn

“It’s a perfect storm for ninja. You have all this retro-chic phenomenon going on. The smash success of Kill Bill. And the waning popularity of pirates and samurai.”
— Pete Snyder, in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“One analyst described to me that the situation for the supply side for oil is like a perfect storm. And, indeed, there is a perfect storm brewing off the Gulf of Mexico.”
— Diana Muriel on CNN

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Chuck Salter is a senior editor at Fast Company and a longtime award-winning feature writer for the magazine. In addition to his print, online and video stories, he performs live reported narratives at various conferences, and he edited the Fast Company anthologies Breakthrough Leadership, Hacking Hollywood, and #Unplug