• 11.01.04

It’s a Pen! It’s a High-lighter! It’s Sorta Cool!

A pen in your hand is worth two in your bag.

Have you ever found yourself on a plane, highlighting excerpts from one of the endless memos you took with you from work? Maybe you’ve wanted to jot down a comment and you’ve had to fish around your bag for a ballpoint pen.


I have. It’s a problem. Not a big deal, but annoying enough.

And now the solution has arrived, thanks to the good people at Sheaffer Pen. Their Prelude MPI is a small masterpiece, a “writing tool,” as the company says, that joins pen and highlighter in one. Pop off the cap, and it’s a ballpoint pen. Twist the black band, and a yellow highlighter tip emerges around and past the ballpoint. Brilliant!

It’s handy indeed, and it looks good. Sheaffer has produced three versions: in chrome, 22k gold plate, and black onyx laque, priced from $45 to $70 ( A lovely solution to a small problem — finally.