Fast Forward: Sales Marketing

Work out your body and mind with scheduled exercises. Buff body, bright mind. Go the extra rep of sit ups and creative challenges.


Attend theater events to improve your presentation skills. This includes the circus, the opera, and local talent shows and comedy clubs.

Make lists and set idea quotas everyday (5 per day). By the end of the week, you will have at least one new great idea.

Spend time looking at the three biggest business failures of the year. Learn from others mistakes.

Don’t waste energy on should of, could of, would of. This is an expensive waste of money. Just do it!

Lighten up and add humor to your communication. Humans respond well to feeling good. Every business leader should attend an improv or comedy class to fully complete their MBA studies.

Cross-train. Spend time looking at other leaders in obscure industries. You’ll gain new ideas that you can modify to your situation.

Go out on a limb and encourage your staff to do the same. No risk, no nothing. Mix it up with business activities and real roller coaster rides.

Master thumb typing. Never know when your text message will be the deal maker.

Build a new airport security friendly wardrobe. First impressions count — and so does your time.

Karen Post is the author of Brain Tattoos. She contributes to Fast Company‘s Sales & Marketing resource center.