How To Fix CNBC

“I don’t know if they could do anything to sex up their daytime programming. But in the evening hours, they are completely off the mark with Dennis Miller and John McEnroe. My proposition is that they turn to sports. They already have arena football. The audience they would get is better than nothing.”

— Aaron Barnhart, television critic for The Kansas City Star

“CNBC did nothing risky or particularly creative when it was popular. Business just happened to be the news story of the day. The stock market will save CNBC. But late night, CNBC’s programming never really made sense to me. They need to figure out what the nocturnal expression of their brand is.”

— David Gardner, investor and cofounder of the Motley Fool

“You’ve got to treat CNBC differently from other daytime venues. It’s on in offices across the country. But it’s still important to create appointment viewing. They’re starting to do that with Dennis Miller, John McEnroe, and Donny Deutsch. They may not have their Bill O’Reilly yet, but not many places do.”

— Brad Adgate, senior vice president of research at Horizon Media