Fast Forward 2005: 25-27

Spotlight: Perks

The stuff employers will offer to keep us happy next year Item

What it is Item Our take
25. Customized health plans A derivative of the consumer-driven health plan (company-funded spending pool combined with high deductible) with more employee choice as to the deductible and discretionary services. Places more burden on the employee to be an efficient health-care consumer. More companies will offer it, though, because it saves them money.
26. Corporate chaplains As spirituality in the workplace grows, more companies will offer some kind of spiritual adviser for employees. What’s next? The DaVinci Code as the hot management guide? The Ten Commandments as corporate mission statement?
27. Vacation accrual transfer You leave Company A with four weeks’ vacation available; new employer, Company B, carries over your unused time. Sounds too good to be true, but with employers increasingly interested in nonsalary benefits, expect to see more of it.

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