Business the Branson Way

Profits are a by-product.
“The bottom line has never been a reason for doing anything. It’s much more the satisfaction of creating things that you’re proud of and making a difference.”

When you screw up, fess up.
“The important thing is to acknowledge when you haven’t gotten it right. The much bigger risk is to let your reputation erode away by not getting it right.”

There’s no room for second best.
“In the end, if you can create the best, the best will always succeed. In the airline business, that’s particularly the case. If you’re smaller than the big guys, then you have to be the best by far, really.”

Go with your gut.
“Sure, we will do market research, but in the end it comes down to you having to decide yourself and being willing and ready to give it a go. Be willing to fall flat on your face if it doesn’t work.”

Don’t answer to anyone.
“If it’s a private company, you can get away with more. If it’s my money, then if I lose my money, no one else has been hurt by it.”