Office Handbook

The Benevolence to Employees and Dependents through Life Asset Management (BEDLAM(R)) program is designed to help employees achieve work-life balance. Key features are:

Flextime: You shouldn’t have to choose between work and time with family. Therefore, we have instituted a flextime policy that allows employees, with a manager’s approval, to complete their 60-hour week as they see fit. Employees can choose seven 8-plus-hour days or three 20-hour days, allowing for a long weekend.

Family leave: Because the Company is headquartered offshore, it is not obliged to abide by family-leave laws. But to help employees “be with” loved ones in the event of a new child or medical emergency, we do offer discounted picture frames, appropriate for office use, in which to place family photos.

Child care: To ensure the well-being of employees’ children, the human resources department, in a program launched with our warehouse, offers reduced-price child care to dependents ages 5 to 13. Eligible children must be able to lift 20-pound boxes, operate accounting software, and/or drive a forklift.

New mothers: To ensure as smooth a transition as possible for employees returning from maternity leave, the Company has converted a corner of the smoking lounge to be used exclusively for nursing. A sheet has been hung from the ceiling to ensure complete privacy.

Counseling: Employees have access to top-flight professional counseling tailored to their individual concerns. For financial problems, please visit Suze Orman’s Web site ( Workers with family issues may call radio personality Delilah at 888- 6DELILAH (between 7 p.m. and midnight only) to request a song.FCS