The Price of Courage

Having trouble channeling your inner moxie? Or perhaps you just want the look of bravery. Five ideas for courage to go.


“You can’t buy courage and decency, you can’t rent a strong moral sense,” Peggy Noonan once wrote in an essay honoring former president Ronald Reagan. But Peggy should know as well as any supply-sider that in America, everything’s for sale. Just name your price.



The high-end strategy: You can rent former New York mayor and September 11 folk hero Rudolph Giuliani for somewhere north of $100,000 a pop. On a budget? Check out Frank Miles, a Las Vegas performer who, for some $10,000, will juggle, eat fire, and relate a near-death hang-gliding encounter to illuminate his presentation “Courage Every Day.” (


Learn to be courageous: The Courage Institute offers all manner of training. For $15,000, become an official Courage Mentor (annual license renewal required). For a quick fix, consider the one- or two-day Courage to Act workshops, for $350 to $500. (


How about a totem of courage earned by someone else? Turn to (what else?) eBay, where $58 got us “a great Iraqi Medal for Bravery . . . the Gulf War one version.” Complete with an Arabic inscription and, on the back, an “ornat [sic] ‘A’ on the upper point of the star.” A must-have for any plunderer’s collection. Also available: U.S. military bronze stars and scores of World War II-era Medals of Honor. (


Inspiration. You need it. has it: 26 motivational posters depicting soaring eagles or weary firefighters with empty platitudes beneath a boldfaced C-O-U-R-A-G-E. ( If that doesn’t inspire you, nothing will — except, perhaps, the movie Patton, selling on for $11.24.

Under $10

Liquid courage! There’s always good old-fashioned whiskey, of course. Or try John Courage Ale, at $8.99 a six-pack. For a nonalcoholic alternative, SoBe offers its highly caffed Courage drink, a cherry-flavored shot of courage in a bottle. (Available at corner stores everywhere.)