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Bull Market 2004


This issue of Fast Company has its own Free Prize Inside.

Earlier this year, Fast Company worked with contributing writer Seth Godin to create a directory of people and organizations that can help you develop and deliver great products and services.

Bull Market 2004 is a compendium of companies that can help you make things happen. The first edition highlights copywriters, brainstormers, newsletters, graphic designers, namers, logo designers, printers, jingle writers, and other people, teams, companies, and organizations that can help you be remarkable.

Fast Company readers can download the 465-page toolbook for free (Bull Market usually costs $21.)

Bull Market 2004

  • Click here to download (PDF, 2.2 MB)

Articles by Seth Godin

French Hours
With "French Hours," you can boost efficiency — and eat all the croissants you want.

Rules for Off-Roading at Work
Going off-road? Go way off-road.

The Best Things in Life Are Free
In an excerpt from his new book, Free Prize Inside!, Seth Godin shows how anyone can champion new ideas.

Send in the Clowns
When it comes to the health of your company, it's time to stop clowning around.

If It's Urgent, Ignore It
Smart organizations ignore the urgent and focus on the important.

How to Give Feedback
Give great feedback! Most people don't. Here are four rules for making your input count.

The L Factor
What accounts for success and failure? More often than you might think, it's just luck. But like most things, luck can be managed.

You Are Your References
References don't matter now that everybody's life is on the public record.

The Scarcity Shortage
In a world of knockoffs, scarcity is in short supply. Bank on it.

The Blog of Things To Come
Joi Ito is using his Weblog to put his virtual organization into action.

If It's Broke, Fix It
Put yourself in your customers' shoes, see what's broken about what you do, and fix it.

Contempt of Consumer: It's a Real Crime
Cutting corners through disrespectful marketing can cost you millions in long-term profits.

There is No Corporate Privacy, and That's a Good Thing.
A few decades ago, we discovered that quality is free. Turns out, the new move toward transparency is also free and can be profitable too.

The Threat of Pigeons and Other Fundamentalists
You can train a pigeon to be superstitious by faking a cause-and-effect relationship. But what happens when your boss starts to think like a pigeon?

What Did You Do During the 2000s?
Hindsight is 20/20. People are already looking back on the 1990s and wishing that they had had more courage. When you look back on the 2000s, what will you have to say for yourself?

" Slowly I Turned...Step by Step...Inch by Inch..."
What's the best way to build a great company, launch a new product, or advance your own career? Try this chili recipe: Low and slow makes for maximum flavor.

A Brief History of Hard Work, Adjusted for Risk

Marketing plan for a marketing book

In Praise of the Purple Cow
Remarkably honest ideas (and remarkably useful case studies) about making and marketing remarkable products.

Memo to: Media Monopolists
And you thought moguls had it made? Turns out, trying to hang on to a monopoly these days is enough to make anyone miserable, even Rupert, Michael, and Sumner. We feel their pain — and offer some help.

Survival Is Not Enough
Hey, it's a jungle out there! So if you want to win, do more than embrace change — learn how to evolve.

Change Agent - Issue 53
Faith and passion, says Seth Godin, define the battle for the future: The same things that make the economy go make the country go.

Change Agent - Issue 52
What does it mean to be fast? Our columnist empties his mail bag — and posts the answers.

Change Agent — Issue 51
Big companies and the Web are draining the civility out of business. Are you ready to embrace accountability and sacrifice anonymity?

Change Agent — Issue 50
Sadly, the future ain't what it used to be. We've gotten used to smaller dreams and closer reality.

Change Agent - Issue 49
The best part of shopping on the Web is one-click shopping on Amazon.

Change Agent - Issue 48
When it comes to food, music, and more, which do you prefer: ubiquity or authenticity?

Change Agent - Issue 47
"There is no correlation at all between success and hours worked.

Change Agent — Issue 46
"The new culture of criticism is hurting you and your company.

Change Agent — Issue 45
"That wedding dress is the wrapper on your wedding day.

Change Agent - Issue 41
"Why are we willing to tolerate bullies?

Change Agent - Issue 40
"Are you built to grow?

Change Agent - Issue 39
"Gear shops are no longer the engine of our economy.

Change Agent - Issue 38
"The core curriculum at business schools is as close to irrelevant as you can imagine.

Change Agent - Issue 37
"You want policies?

Unleash Your Ideavirus - Part Two
Here's a big idea: Ideas are driving the economy. Here's a bigger idea: Ideas that spread fastest win.

Unleash Your Ideavirus
Here's a big idea: Ideas are driving the economy. Here's a bigger idea: Ideas that spread fastest win.

Change Agent - Issue 36
"Looking for a poster child for old-economy industries that are stuck in the headlights?

Change Agent - Issue 35
"Most torch-bearers don't realize how unique they are, how powerful their role is, or how hard their task is.

Change Agent - Issue 34
"The fact is, the wild oscillations in our business life will continue to get wilder and wilder, probably forever.

Change Agent - Issue 33
"Does clinging to an occupation make you better at your job?

Change Agent - Issue 32
"Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, my mom — and now you — have shared the secret of rifting.

Change Agent - Issue 31
In My Humble Opinion: "In the face of change, the competent are helpless.

Change Agent - Issue 30
In My Humble Opinion: "Is it possible to create a 'maybe-proof' company?

Change Agent - Issue 29
In My Humble Opinion: Why is it that the really obvious chances to improve our businesses and careers almost always pass us by?

Change Agent - Issue 28
Guillotine or Rack?

A version of this article appeared in the June 2004 issue of Fast Company magazine.