What’s Your Creativity Type?

Dow’s Speed-Based Development is rooted in a classic problem: figuring out which people are right for which jobs. Check your type, as described by consultant Greg Stevens based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and ask whether you and your colleagues match your job descriptions.


Ranking high on the Intuitive and Thinking scales of the Myers-Briggs test, these folks are terrific inventors. Though often difficult to work with, they can make miracles.


These people are Intuitive and Feeling types. More creative than most but not as purely innovative as starters, developers turn early inventions into real products.


Top scorers on the Sensory and Judging scales, they figure out ways to add value to products, pushing them beyond commodity status toward higher margins.


These workers, big on Sensory and Perceiving, are terrific marketers. Enhancers play to what people want and need to hear before they’re willing to buy.FCS