Feedback: Where Are the Women?

Since the publication of the “Where Are the Women?” article, I’ve gotten more than 100 emails in response, mostly from women.

Many of them described their own moment of choice — when they came to a crossroads as the demands of their jobs conflicted with other priorities in their lives. Many of my correspondents have started new businesses. Others have soldiered on. Many experienced bias in the workplace. And some pointed out that women can’t work the same number of hours as men as long as the guys don’t share the burden of home and family equally.

I’ve also gotten letters from men saying they’ve made the same choice — and applauding women for leading the way. A few women have written to talk about their own enlightened companies or bosses.

The emails have been thought provoking, inspiring, heartbreaking, and poignant. I have been overwhelmed by the generosity of Fast Company readers to take the time to share their stories. I’m reading every one — and saving them for possible follow-up. It’s clear there’s much more to say on this topic.

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