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The Time of Toil

The only thing that matters for the future is unrelenting work, the kind of bone-tiring effort that collapses the weak and the lazy. The era of picking a career to follow foolish personal desires is over, thank God, and the time of toil has returned. Only the foolish and indolent can pretend that anything less than complete and total commitment to their work will suffice.


Jeremiah Wasltoski

Learning the Hard Way

Money does not equal happiness. This simple truth had to be learned the hard way, and I am now happily working as a gardener!

Avi Solomon, CEO, Ahoy Inc.

Paper Chased

What goes up must come down. The next time I’m a millionaire on paper, sell.


Seek Extreme Balance

Extreme world views are usually wrong. The ability to balance the new thing and its promising potential with reality is one of the great skills we often miss when we get caught up in the exitement. That reality check might be boring, but it’s mature and could make the difference in a search for success.

James Pomarico

Money and Motivation

Greed is bad. Just do things for the love of it and the necessities will follow.

Jon B.

Connections Count

It’s not what you know, It’s who you know.

Todd Modjeski, Owner, ModdAudio

The Executioner

A great idea will only take a venture so far. Ultimately, success depends on having the right people in the right positions and executing, executing, executing.

Dave Orsborn, Owner, bplanGURU

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