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The Anti-Gym Bag

Timbuk2's Yoga Bag proves that you can go to the gym without looking like you've, ahem, just been to the gym.

Your PDA has every contact, meeting, and to-do item cross-indexed and annotated. You never miss a deadline. Colleagues call you "sharp," "focused," and (dare we bring it up?) "anal." Yet every morning, you pile into your carpool looking harried and hassled, with overstuffed purse and ugly gym bag jockeying for position on your shoulder, yoga mat slipping to the ground while the paper goes flying. No power player should have to suffer such indignity.

San Francisco-based Timbuk2 has a solution to get you back in the Zen zone: the Yoga Bag. Like Timbuk2's popular messenger bags, the Yoga Bag is stylish and colorful (available in orange, light green, black, or red) and comfortable enough to sling across your shoulders or behind you. A flap on the bottom wraps around your mat, keeping it clean and out of the way. Inside are useful pockets and plenty of room for extra shoes and clothes. Pair it with a purse or laptop case, and you'll be back to your perfectly put-together self. (Price: $100;

A version of this article appeared in the Table of Contents - April 2004 issue of Fast Company magazine.