Fast Company’s Cosmo (Inspired) Quiz

Are you still hot for your job? Or has the relationship lost its romance? Take this quiz to find out. It’s easy and fun!


When the alarm buzzes in the morning you:

  1. Hit snooze for the next hour and a half
  2. Get up on time and head for the coffeepot
  3. Never hear it; you left for work two hours ago

When the boss calls you in for a meeting you:

  1. Shed 10 pounds of nervous sweat
  2. Quietly sigh and run through a list of potential topics in your head
  3. Silently pump your fist at the chance to spend a little face time with the big cheese

When you see the company logo you:

  1. Want to throw up
  2. Feel a reluctant twinge of pride
  3. Point out to passersby that you work there

On a Saturday night at 11:30 p.m., you think about:

  1. How much jail time you’d do if you poisoned your boss
  2. How much jail time the bad guys got that night on Cops
  3. How dreadfully long it will be until Monday morning arrives

When your salary review rolls around you:

  1. Obsess about how underappreciated you are
  2. Hope for the best
  3. Ignore it; you’d work for free if you could

Your favorite water cooler topic is:

  1. How much life sucks at your company
  2. Celebrity arrests
  3. That cool new project you’re working on

You harbor dreams of someday:

  1. Fleeing your dank professional prison
  2. Owning a boat
  3. Running the company

The song stuck in your head at work is:

  1. “Burning Down the House”
  2. “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”
  3. “Good Day Sunshine”

In your desk drawer you keep:

  1. Antacids and headache medicine
  2. Candy to keep you alert in the afternoon
  3. A toothbrush for all-nighters

SCORING: For each answer, A=0, B=1, C=2. Total your score.


0-6 Cold Fish: You’re a Prozac overdose waiting to happen. We wish we could give you some comforting advice. Instead, just one word: Quit! Now! Before it’s too late to save yourself.

7-12 Slow Burn: You once loved work, but the romance is fading. You’re not where you want or need to be in your career. The question is: Can you get there if you stay in this relationship?

13-18 Hot to the Touch: Keep doing what you love and love what you’re doing! But before you get too hopelessly devoted, pay attention to that social life of yours. It exists for a reason.