Feedback: Freedom of Choice

Thank you for taking a 360-degree look at women and their choices. It is a pity that the comprehensive view was lost on Mr. Byrne as his valuation statement of “moral… shame” indicates. Wasn’t the whole revolution about the freedom to make — and the opportunity to have — our own choice? He should more carefully read the splendid array of vantages on what those best choices are and why. I hope that my daughter never relinquishes her choice of options to anyone because of their moralizing on the matter.

The moral shame lies in an editor whose reading of his own publication has not realized it is not all about size of office, salary, staff, market or expense account. Women in leadership are to be applauded for their work in every application of excellence from the kitchen of home to the kitchen of every Fortune 500 company. Further, he might consider the moral shame of men hoping for options but unliberated enough to make them.

Women making their personal best choices are not lost to the business world, they are merely working a different market. Whether their talents have the widespread impact of a Walmart activity or the localized impact of a small family business, their impact will not go unfelt as they choose their own place in this world.

Renee Zarro
Co-Owner, Zarro Entertainment

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