Face Value: Does the Boss do Botox?

Fast Company and Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose read between the lines of some familiar faces.

Most execs spend more time worried about their bottom lines than their glabellar lines. But what if they could smooth away 20 years’ worth of quarterly earnings reports and budget plans in just 20 minutes? Fast Company and Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose read between the lines of some familiar faces.


Richard Scrushy

Ex Health South


Rose: “Mr. Scrushy is showing the effects of a very stressful period in his life. The lower and mid-face appear to be aging satisfactorily. The aging in his eye and forehead regions are the most pronounced. Certainly, he would benefit from a brow lift with some Botox between his eyes to address the worried look.”

Scrushy: No comment.

Alan Greenspan

The Federal Reserve



Rose: “Well, anybody at 77 would benefit from plastic-surgery intervention. A forehead lift, upper and lower eyelid rejuvenation, and a face and neck lift (really an entire facial overhaul) would enable Mr. Greenspan to project a more youthful image. However, I’m not sure that that is his intent.”

Greenspan: No comment.

Michael Eisner

Walt Disney Co.


Rose: “Mr. Eisner appears to be aging relatively well in terms of facial tissues. However, he may have had some eyelid-rejuvenation surgery since I cannot tell much difference in the eyelid tissue in the past 15 years. This is unexpected, as 15 years of aging should have left more of a telltale problem in the eyes.”

Eisner: Did not reply.


Andrea Jung



Rose: “Ms. Jung is beautiful in every respect. Her lips are very full–almost unnaturally so. It is highly likely that she has had some type of lip enhancement. For an Asian patient, her nose is much too stylized; I am sure she has had rhinoplasty nose-rejuvenation surgery and had a graft added to her nasal bridge.”

Jung: No comment.


Working woman



Rose: “Barbie exhibits a figure almost impossible to maintain without plastic surgery. To have a full buxom C- to D-cup brassiere with a tiny 18-inch waist is impossible.”

Barbie (via Mattel’s Web site): “Mattel has maintained Barbie doll’s popularity by adapting her look, lifestyle, and fashions to meet changing times.”