Half a Football Field Is Fine

Ever sprint from your office to the fax machine and back again, afraid to miss an important call? Ever clothesline a colleague with your phone cord? Welcome, then, the GN Netcom’s GN 9120.

The 9120 ($349) is GN Netcom’s latest salvo in the wireless headset market. It’s a sleek one-ounce rig with eight hours of talk time and 2.4 GHz frequency-hopping security. You can hook four headsets to one base station. And its advertised range is a whopping 300 feet.

So okay, the 9120 didn’t quite live up to billing. In our tests, its effective reach proved to be 150 feet, tops. But really, do you have to roam the length of a football field at your office? And within the lesser range, reception was just fine.

Setup is straightforward, and the fit is comfortable. Coolest add-on: An $80 accessory (the GN 1000 RHL) that lifts the phone handset off the cradle whenever the headset is in use. That kept us entertained for hours. (See the 9120 at