Our Picks for Summer Kicks

Sunscreen? Check. Shades? Check. Now for the really good stuff: our picks for warm-weather kicks. Have yourself a techie summer.

Think of great combinations: Ham and cheese, meat and potatoes, movies and popcorn, and . . . summer and gadgets. If you’re getting your head into a little fun for the summer months (finally!), you owe it to yourself to make at least one great trip to your tech store of choice to stock up on some of the newest, smartest, sharpest gadgets that can add to your summer enjoyment. Grab an armful of toys, tools, gizmos, and accessories that will add a whole new set of techie dimensions to your summer experience. Start with these choice items.


Suunto N-Series Wristop

Computer Just what you need! One of the first athletic watches enabled by SPOT (smart personal objects technology). These lightweight and stylish devices offer Suunto’s traditional sports functionality (heart-rate monitor, altimeter, barometer, and standard timekeeping) along with a radio-frequency microchip to provide mobile Internet access (instant messaging; news, sports, and stock alerts; and calendar functions). Price: Starts at $200. Visit

Timbuk2 Messenger Bag

Now that you have all of this great gear, how do you plan to tote it around? Try the new Graphic Messenger Bag from San Francisco – based Timbuk2. It’s big enough to carry your stuff and light enough to use on a long bike ride. Choose from a variety of colors and designs, including the New York – , Paris-, London-, and San Francisco – inspired “Destinations” theme; vintage and modern travel patterns; and sports-themed bags. Price: $99.99. For $50 more, you can add a foam-and-ballistic laptop sleeve, available in five sizes (including one that fits the new 17-inch Apple PowerBook, for $60), and turn your bag into a hardworking business case. For more information, visit

Pentax Digibino

DB 100 Are you an avid bird watcher? A spectator-sports nut? A big fan of Rear Window — or someone with a suspicious neighbor across the way? Then you’ll love Pentax’s DB 100, a combination digital camera – binoculars with a built-in 1.6-inch LCD screen and a high-speed shutter-release function that lets you capture multiple photos of fast-moving objects. The 9-ounce device has 16 MB of onboard flash memory and an AV output for showing photos on a TV set. Price: $349.95. Visit

Argus DC-3810 Digital Camera

Just a couple of years ago, the average digital camera cost an arm and a leg and offered only grainy 2-megapixel photo quality. If you’ve been biding your time, waiting for the good stuff, you’ll be thrilled to know that the latest from Argus costs only $499.99 for fabulous 5-megapixel photo quality. The DC-3810 also has an autofocus optical zoom lens and a 1.8-inch color LCD screen, and it comes packaged with a 32-MB compact flash card. Visit

Adidas ClimaCool 2 Shoes

Who needs a high-tech shoe? Try running a road race on a hot summer day and ask again. Then try the new ClimaCool 2 shoes by Adidas. At 10.5 ounces, they’re as light as a feather, and they completely surround the foot with mesh vents (even on the bottom of the sole). Some walkers and joggers will want more overall support than these shoes provide, but those who build up serious sweat and friction in fast races or tough workouts will welcome the refreshing breeze of the ClimaCool 2’s cost. Price: $100. Visit