Going fast. Going slow. Going nowhere.


Love this Turnaround Strategy


“Our feasibility study shows that if 1,000 workers donate their sperm for several months, we can get enough funds to pay part of the plant’s debts.”

— Ion Cotescu, a Romanian trade-union leader, on his plan to keep the car factory that he represents afloat. The figures were based on a Romanian sperm bank’s offer of $50 per visit. The average monthly wage in Romania is around $150. — Reuters

Love that’s Built to Last


A Taiwanese couple that has been married for 85 years is the new Guinness Book of World Records champ for the longest marriage. Each over 100 years old, the two have a total of 110 children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. — Associated Press

Stop if you Love Six-Sigma Quality

“Dutch researchers report that at a blood alcohol level of .04% — reached by drinking two glasses of wine in less than an hour — the brain’s ‘oops’ response stops working properly and people no longer realize they have made a mistake.” — Reuters


Love Those Names!

The FAA has denied a request from Sioux City, Iowa to change its airport code: SUX. An appeal is planned.

Attorneys for former Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman are seeking a legal order for Atlanta Journal-Constitution writer Bill Wyman to stop writing under his own name. Adding insult to injury, Bill Wyman is not the bassist’s real name — he was born William George Perks.

Biggs, California rejected a proposal to change its name to Got Milk? — the popular slogan of the California Milk Processor Board. The town would have received a Got Milk? museum and money for the school system.

Love is the (second) Most Powerful Drug

Percentage of the time that Viagra use results in sex

1 Minute
Average duration of erection with 100 mg of Viagra and 20 minutes of sex videos, among men with erectile dysfunction

3.6 Seconds
Average duration of erection with placebo and 20 minutes of sex videos, among men with erectile dysfunction

Percentage of men who suffer at least one side effect while using Viagra

Percentage of men who stop using Viagra because of its side effects

Source: Pfizer Inc./The Wall Street Journal, November 11, 2002

Lovely Figure(s)


$3,300,000,000 = Annual sales for Victoria’s Secret
$10,000,000 = Price of Victoria’s Secret’s most expensive lingerie set
$7,000,000 = Production costs for last year’s televised Victoria’s Secret fashion show.