The Past, Present, and Future of Hewlett-Packard

The Carly Chronicles (February 2003)
An exclusive report on the most important transformation campaign in American business: Carly Fiorina’s high-stakes program to reinvent Hewlett-Packard. Go …

What If Carly Were a Man? (April 2002)
The dirty little secret of Carly Fiorina (and every other woman CEO, for that matter): They’re held to a different standard than guys. Go …

How HP Solved the Work-Life Conundrum (September 2001)
Are work-life initiatives doomed to fail in a 24-7 take-no-prisoners economy? An innovative program says that they can work — if planners balance employee needs with business needs so both win.

HP’s Mentor Connection (November 1998)
Hewlett-Packard uses email to make thousands of connections with kids and adults: “By spending 10 minutes a day, mentors are having an incredible impact on the lives of these students.” Go …

The People of Hewlett-Packard v. The Past (from the premiere issue, November 1995)
Why settle for an ordinary meeting when you can stage a trial or a funeral? When the agenda is change, don’t tell people, show them. Go …