Web Picks

Chicken or Beef?
Marco Hart took his first picture of an airline meal on a flight to Turkey in October 2001 thinking it would be nice to show his parents what he ate while flying over Eastern Europe. A hobby was born. He found fellow mile-high foodies on the Web and created a site that now features nearly 300 different meals from more than 70 carriers. (Above: Air Alfa, Economy, Istanbul to Amsterdam.)

The Big Fix
Marshall Brain’s HowStuffWorks is a discovery zone with a wealth of useful information on everything from the most mundane (how a catalytic converter work) to the philosophical (how art works). You can even pose your own questions (How does print advertising work?). But you may not like the answer.

The Blook of Life: Post – September 11
Blog Nation: the Blook. InstaPundit Glenn Reynolds’s effort to compile the best of September 11 blogging — and ultimately to publish the collection in a book — is currently a clearinghouse of nominations. The writings reflect the composition of blog sphere, encompassing the full range of emotion and worldview — rants, rages, and reverent reflection.