The ABCs of Strategy

June 2002
The Strategy of the Fighter Pilot
Business is a dogfight. Your job as a leader: Outmaneuver the competition, respond decisively to fast-changing conditions, and defeat your rivals. That’s why the OODA loop, the brainchild of “40 Second” Boyd, an unconventional fighter pilot, is one of today’s most important ideas in battle or in business. Keith H. Hammonds

July 2002
There Is No Alternative to …
How do you develop strategy in an uncertain economy? Meet TINA: There Is No Alternative. First, Royal Dutch/Shell pioneered the system of scenario planning to anticipate dramatic changes in the world. But when everything starts to change, the way to do planning is to focus on things that don’t change. Ian Wylie

August 2002
How to SMASH Your Strategy
IBM’s revolutionary approach to computing just might offer a new direction in strategy — one that bridges the gap between brilliant insight and flawless execution. Charles FishmanFCS