My Favorite Bookmarks: Tim Manners

Title: Publisher and editor
Surfing manifesto: Skip the intro. The best pages are like a garage band: no synthesizers, no horn section, and no backup singers.

All Things Must Pass
My favorite Beatle is also my favorite bookmark. The site has recently been reincarnated by the Harrison family.

The quirky business stories often illuminate keen marketing insights.

Daily Candy
Pure pop for marketing people. What’s trendy in London, L.A., and New York.

The On-Line Guitar Archive finds the chords to all of your favorite tunes.

Roger McGuinn
The ex-Byrd uploads one authentic American folk song every month.

Small World Research Project
A team of sociologists is attempting to digitize Stanley Milgram’s famous six-degrees-of-separation theory.

Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia
It takes a village to write an encyclopedia. Roll over, Funk & Wagnalls.FCS