My Favorite Bookmarks: Jonathan Ressler

Who: President and CEO, Big Fat Inc.
Surfing Manifesto: Don’t show me the same crap I can get everywhere else. I use the Net to make life easier and to keep my information in one place.


General Thinking

A place to check out what innovators are thinking about and doing.

IQ and Personality Tests

This site is chock-full of personality tests that range from silly to serious. It even has CEO-specific tests and worksheets.


A great site that showcases up-and-coming artists. Buy art that could be worth millions someday.

Nightclub & Bar

What’s happening outside of New York and L.A. There is life between the coasts.

Promo Magazine

This is my industry’s magazine.


A down-to-earth bar-listing site that tells it like it is. If you want New York or L.A. info, this is the place.

The Winners Club

This site lists every sweepstakes and contest under the sun. See which brands are wasting their money on what.