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My Favorite Bookmarks: Cheryl Flink

Picks from the senior vice president of XOR Inc.

Who: Senior vice president of service offerings, XOR Inc.
Surfing Manifesto: The Web has two faces: one that surprises and delights and one that confuses and frustrates.

Center for Studies in Creativity

If you're interested in innovation, this site provides great links to associations, consultants and trainers, educational programs, and inventions.

Creative Good

Its goal is to make Web sites easier to use, and it includes some excellent reports and statistics to help document ROI for creating an extraordinary user experience.


Home to the Innovation University, this site is an excellent tool for people who are trying to start or manage innovation programs. It includes case studies, networks, and an "Idea Workout Gym."

Intranet Journal

This site specializes in the field of information architecture. It includes tips for making sites easy to navigate and other helpful tools.

Usable Web

This is a great collection of links about human factors, user-interface issues, and usable designs specific to the World Wide Web.

A version of this article appeared in the November 2001 issue of Fast Company magazine.