• 10.31.01

Coast to Coast

In Gear

Sure, you’d love to ride to work on an enviro-friendly bicycle and leave the gas-guzzling SUV in the garage. (Right?) If you’re still using that old “but I just can’t make it up those hills” excuse, you’ll have to come up with a new one. The Th!nk Bike Traveler by Ford Motor Co. is the low-emissions solution for those of us with the will but not the willpower. A solid, electric motor — located where the gears would be housed on a regular bike — powers this baby up to 18 MPH; a simple, plug-in power-adapter unit comes standard with the Th!nk Bike Traveler unit. When you’re feeling fit, pedal as you would a regular bike. But when you need a little extra kick, simply touch the motor controls on the handlebar’s LED display — and with your next tap on the pedals, you’re zooming along, battery assisted. You can also fold the Traveler in half and stash it in the trunk of your car for a little side trip on your next road trip. The Th!nk Bike Traveler retails for $995. Find it on the Web (