• 10.31.01

Did I Give You My Card?

In Gear

Business cards. They’re our best, most-wasted resource. (Admit it. Right now, the hundreds you’ve collected this year alone are jammed into the back of a desk drawer, bound with a rubber band. You couldn’t find the one you need in a million years.) The CardScan 600c/V6 color scanner and software, the latest upgrade from Corex Technologies Corp., is here to help. It easily scans up to 30 cards per minute (accommodating even odd-sized international cards) and automatically inputs information into the appropriate fields of contact-management databases within Outlook or Palm. Storage of full-color images from both the front and back of a card means that precious handwritten notes won’t be lost either. And CardScan’s USB connector and simple software ensure almost immediate plug-and-play capability. Such easy, organized access is worth the $299 price tag. Buy the CardScan 600c/V6 directly from Corex on the Web (