My Favorite Bookmarks: Roger Black

Who: Chairman, Danilo Black Inc.
Surfing manifesto: Sometimes you have to remind yourself that there are other ways to get information and to shop than by going online.


The lovely Bonnie Burton has a fun personal site. I go here for her Phreaky Phriday Phun Linx. Now in its sixth year, takes you back to the days when the Web was just for fun.


A staggering collection of designer furniture. Also check out Design Within Reach ( and Full Upright Position (

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents

Jeffrey Zeldman is the last of the true digerati: wise, visionary, unpredictable, and a guide to the catechism of Open Source.


Okay, this site may not have a profitable business plan, but it is the best magazine on the Internet, and one of the best magazines anywhere. Let’s hope everyone catches on before it runs out of investors.

Stuff for Men

A spectacularly well-designed site. Stuff assumes all (straight) men have an adolescent Game Boy mentality, which may be what makes it so much fun.