• 08.31.01

Hello Coffee

Staff Stuff

Okay, so I’m a sucker for Japanese package design — especially the Hello Kitty gear. At first, I was content with the pencil boxes and the notebooks. But then I discovered the Sanrio Web site, where there are at least 50 things that I would love to own. So far, I’ve exercised tremendous self-control and purchased the one item that I absolutely couldn’t resist: the Hello Kitty Coffee/Tea Maker. It’s just too cute, too pink, and too unusual to pass up. And it’s the perfect size for my office. It makes two very small cups of coffee (or one big one) and comes with a little basket to brew loose tea. I confess that I didn’t have high hopes in terms of performance, but surprisingly, the pot makes pretty good coffee. Go to the Sanrio Web site ( , and, for a mere $33.95, this coffeemaker can be yours. Now, if I could just have that toaster . . .