• 07.31.01

Small Package

In Gear

For road warriors who need to lighten up, here are two diminutive hard drives that really carry that load without weighing you down. The Q. USB hard drive, by Agate Technologies Inc., is so tiny, it can hang right off your key chain. About half the size of an Audi car key, this little device comes in 16 MB, 32 MB, and 64 MB capacities for $69.95, $129.95, and $199.95, respectively. The Q. plugs directly into any PC’s USB port and operates like a standard external hard drive. For die-hard data junkies, there’s another devilishly small device on the market: the Pockey Portable Drive. Think of it as a Q. on steroids. This calculator-sized unit comes in 10 GB and 20 GB models and costs $249.95 and $329.95, respectively. Unlike the Q., the Pockey needs a cord to connect to a computer’s USB port. But, like the Q., it is both Mac and PC compatible. Go online to find the Q. ( and the Pockey (