My Favorite Bookmarks: Steve Wadsworth

Who: President, Walt Disney Internet Group
Surfing Manifesto: I try to avoid falling into the trap of random surfing that can suck away hours of time — with absolutely no result.

E-Commerce Times

It’s important for me to keep up with the latest e-commerce news, and this is where I go to do that.


Here’s a network of great sites for accessing personalized information — everything from credit ratings, to home values, to consolidated financial-account tracking.

Marshall Brain’s HowStuffWorks

This site is where I go to get my dose of unusual and cool.

This is where I go to keep up with all of the latest devices and technology. It features headlines, reviews, popular articles, FAQs, tips, and much more.


This site offers real-time traffic reports — enough said!


When I actually have the time, I love to surf — the waves, that is. And this is where I go to check out the wave forecast and surfing conditions.FCS