Take Your Life for a Spin


Tony Caserta (, 43, a senior vice president at Leerink Swann & Co., a Boston-based financial-services firm.

Enough Already

“When you’re in the finance business, you feel as if your entire day is chained to the market. Most of the time, my daily schedule is already spoken for — and that’s extremely stressful. Lots of people in this field seem to be compulsive because of the market’s volatility.”

Red Flag

“I was worried about being owned by my job. I needed to maximize my personal time to take the edge off after work. At the same time, I’d just moved from New York to Boston and wanted to find a social network outside work.”

Coping Mechanism

Caserta can’t control the market, but he can control his attitude. In order to stay sane, Caserta decided to get a second job. Pardon? After the market closes, he unwinds by working as a spin instructor at a few health clubs around town. He teaches a minimum of five classes a week and donates the bulk of his spin salary to Swim Across America, a nonprofit group that raises money for cancer research. In the past five years, he has donated more than $18,000 to the cause.

Caserta says a second job has helped him focus and feel in control during what has been the most stressful period of his life. (To top it all off, he and his wife, Lauren, recently had their first child.) In the end, he says, the exercise gig makes him more effective in every way — especially these days, with the market lurching up and down. “Health has to be a priority,” Caserta says. “Yesterday, we were up 150 points. Today, we’re down 240.”