• 06.30.01

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This new handheld printer is as light as a Discman and small enough to slip into your briefcase.

The problem with most portable printers is that they’re usually not. The SiPix Pocket Printer A6, from SiPix Inc., is the welcome exception. This new handheld peripheral is as light as a Discman and is small enough to slip into your briefcase, right next to your PDA. Plus, it’s easy to use: no cords, no ink required. All you need are four AA batteries, and you’re good to go; the printer software (included with the unit) installs quickly on your PDA when you sync the device with your computer. Then you just beam data from your PDA to the SiPix — and voilà! — out pops the printout on high-quality thermal paper, which is about the size of a 4-by-6 photo. The coolest trick? Pop the copy into a photocopier, hit “200%,” and you have a full-sized document. The SiPix Pocket Printer retails for $149 at major electronics stores. Find out more on the Web (