My Favorite Bookmarks: Louise Kirkbride

Who: Founder and CEO of Broad Daylight Inc.
Surfing Manifesto: The Web has made it easier to ask questions — but harder to get intelligent answers. Still, great self-help is always preferable to email or the phone.

Antarctica Online

An indispensable resource when I was preparing for a recent trip to Antarctica — my most interesting adventure to date.

At most stores, I end up picking the wine with the most attractive label. Here, I can get answers to my questions from the wine experts at Beverages & More.

Center for Neuromorphic Systems Engineering

This center’s mission is to apply sensory-based behavior to machines. To me, machine intelligence is one of the most interesting areas of research.


This is a great source for the latest in customer-service technologies and industry best practices.


In the darkest days of the dotcom collapse, “Sally Struthers Begs You to Save the Dot-Coms” saved me.FCS