• 04.30.01

Web Audio — You Can Take It With You

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Remember when the Web was something to be seen but not heard? Not anymore. The Web is now rife with audio applications. But who wants to be enslaved to a time-bound regimen of Web-audio events? For that matter, who wants to be strapped to a computer all of the time? Enter Voquette (, a streaming-audio portal that’s designed with business users in mind. But Voquette isn’t just a portal; it’s also a passport to portability.


Step one: Customize your “MyVoquette” page to include links to content provided by such partners as the BBC,, and the Wall Street Journal. Most selections are business-oriented, but there are plenty of options for off-hours listening as well. Step two: Download the Voquette Media Manager — a Web tool that gives you a VCR-like control of when (and where) you play back content. Step three: Program VMM to save audio files to the device of your choice (laptop, mp3 phone, or mp3 player). Now you’re ready to put your ears to work: Catch up on industry news in your car, listen to CEO interviews at the gym, or check stock data while you multitask at the office. And it’s all free.

Voquette also provides secure, enterprise-wide hosting of corporate events — so there’s no excuse for missing that all-important conference call.