The Truth

Job Titles of the Future: Justin Stimson


Who: Justin Stimson
Company: Myplay Inc.
Age: 33
Has held title for: One Year
Previous title: Project Manager, Allegis Corp.


Justin Stimson’s job is a dream come true. He’s the Truth, Ruth. And he works for Myplay Inc., an Internet startup that enables users to store, organize, and download their MP3s and other music files in online digital-music lockers. Stimson manages all of the elements that go into a project, and no one, not even Myplay’s CEO, can contradict him when he dishes out the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

How do you handle being the truth?

Because we’re a startup, the real challenge has been to provide a framework for success that doesn’t strangle the spirit of the company. I try to ask the right questions and help the company find its way toward solutions organically.

Does the truth hurt?

Sometimes there are truths that people don’t want to hear, but an important part of my job is to tell it like it is.


Are you a true believer?

Very few organizations have people like me who are specifically devoted to tying things together. I don’t write code, and my job isn’t to sell products — it’s to make the whole company work better.

What makes you so sure you’re right?

I don’t actually make decisions — I help move information. So I’m not attached to outcomes. I’m also open to input from anyone in the company. I weigh the information and provide the reality to people — it’s all based on facts.