• 04.30.01

TiVo for Two

Staff Stuff

As a newlywed, I’ve learned that the first months of marriage include a certain amount of compromise. Which is why my husband and I are proud to own a Sony Digital Network Recorder (SVR-2000). Harmony at last! This gadget offers the functionality of a VCR without the video tapes or the programming nightmares. Using the TiVo service, the SVR-2000 provides easy-to-navigate TV listings, enabling you to peruse schedules, read program descriptions, and select shows to record. You can also pause and rewind live television shows. With this contraption, my husband never misses an episode of Junkyard Wars, and I never miss a minute of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Now, if we could only agree on who takes out the garbage. The SVR-2000 retails for $399 ( The TiVo service ( is sold separately and is available for $10 a month, or a one-time fee of $200.