My Favorite Bookmarks: Kathryn Bullock

Who: Managing director, e-Women
Surfing Manifesto: I’m an infoholic. But sometimes you just don’t have time to go surfing — you want the information delivered to you. So I’m a big fan of e-zines.


This is a great site for doing market research on UK companies, because it has most of the British market press in its archives. I can often find the information that I am looking for in three clicks.


This is a good site for stats on who’s using the Web. It includes a broad knowledge base and is easy to navigate — no flashing, irritating banners or distracting gizmos. It also delivers a daily e-zine to your inbox.


This site is great for trawling the UK train timetables and for getting fares. You can pick up your tickets at selected stations, so no standing in queues!

Traveldonkey and Lonely Planet

These are fun sites with great stories, hints, and tips on where to go worldwide. Info comes from travelers themselves, so you don’t get any brochurespeak.


This site has lots of unusual tips for putting together and marketing a Web site, plus some useful case studies and e-commerce tutorials.