My Favorite Bookmarks: Bobbie Greene Kilberg

Who: President of the Northern Virginia Technology Council
Surfing Manifesto: I need good information right at my fingertips so that I can get in, get the information I need, and get on with my busy schedule.



When I need to find something unique (for a good price), I visit this online-classifieds site, which offers a robust list of locally available items.

Draper Atlantic

I enjoy learning about the portfolio of exciting companies that Draper invests in.

Friedman Billings Ramsey

This company has an interesting program that helps small investors get more involved in IPOs and secondary offerings.


This site is pure fun. It enables you to pull up high-resolution satellite images of any location in the world.

Tech Central Station

James Glassman’s column in the Washington Post was a must-read for the sensible investor. Now he’s got a Web site for investing in technology.

Washington Business Forward

This site presents important insights, with a strong technology focus, about business trends in the greater Washington, DC area.